Industrial Auctions & Sales

IndustrieWert GmbH enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of industry auctions.

IndustrieWert GmbH is at your disposal at any time with realistic reports, exceptional skills, experience, creativity, reliability, rapid implementation capabilities as well as the comprehensive and client-oriented service range.

The outstanding auction results derive from the possibility of selling the released assets directly to users and consumers. Thus, the margins of middlemen are converted into revenues to the benefit of our clients.

Through extensive advertising campaigns, we inform a large group of potential buyers and ensure excellent sales results. We inform interested parties by means of the classic, diversified catalogue dispatch, as well as targeted direct marketing. In addition, we place advertisements in the relevant online portals, the local, national and international daily press, the relevant trade publications and the main business newspapers.

We inform you regularly by e-mail newsletter about our service range, and our customers can also find out about the current sales straight away on our Internet site.

We can safeguard leasing companies by setting limit prices, so as to facilitate the achievement of the residual values. In some cases we are able to guarantee our clients auction proceeds. Our service range includes in detail:

  • Inventory

    • Recording with photos
    • Determination of third-party-rights
    • Preliminary review of separation and preferential rights
    • Comparison with companies/administrators, if necessary, according to inventory sheet
    • Printing of the inventory list for administrator/court
    • Transfer as file in Excel or Winsolvenz format
  • Auction preparation

    • Catalogue creation, printing, mailing, postage
    • Photo and possibly video production
    • Identification of relevant specialist journals and daily press
    • Placing advertisements
    • Maschine cleaning and presentation
    • Preparation, possibly upgrading
    • Depot creation, i.e. collection of small parts for better overview and control
    • Web presentation
  • Implementation of the auction and delivery

    • Auction to the highest bidder with protocol
    • Limit prices in individual cases on agreement
    • Invoicing
    • Spot cash with security guards
    • Delivery exclusively of paid goods
    • Delivery control
    • Dismantling and transport mediation
    • Monitoring of the dismantling
    • Clearance of the property, possibly disposal
    • Transfer of the premises with protocol to the owner/landlard/administrator
    • Post-auction sale
  • Settlement

    • Settlement according to auction protocol and post-auction sale protocol via separate trust accounts
    • Copy of invoices
    • Distribution of the auction proceeds to the client and/or beneficiaries
    • Final report of the utiliser
  • Other

    • Property conveyance to new tenant or buyer
    • Placement of patents, rights and know-how
    • Export documentation with test

IndustrieWert GmbH operates as an industrial services provider internationally. 

IndustrieWert GmbH
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