Selling industrial goods optimally

With over 25 years of experience as experts and auctioneers for industry, commerce and trade, we are a valuable partner for our clients. With broad sector competence, IndustrieWert GmbH achieves excellent results in the utilization of fixed and current assets. As your advisory service provider, we take care of complex transactions from start to finish.

Many years of sector competence and perfect project management

Our services include the sale of complete companies and plants as well as individual industrial facilities and machines from the location, the appraisal and inventory under the aspects of liquidation, business continuity or credit security as well as the implementation of national and international auctions.

From our long-standing activities we have first-class contacts to important decision-makers in medium-sized companies, in groups, to insolvency administrators and banks. For company sales, there are excellent connections to a worldwide network of buyers consisting of numerous international transactions.

Conviction and responsibility

With a high degree of confidentiality, reliability, integrity and respect in dealing with clients, buyers and employees of the companies, our employees take the utmost care in providing for an efficient and successful outcome in your favour.

On the basis of a standardised quality management system under DIN EN ISO 9001, all core processes were reviewed, optimised and certified. The aim of the QM system is the continuous improvement of all relevant processes and is constantly updated.

Your success - the success of our clients - is reflected not least in the result, by which our - mainly success-related - remuneration are measured.


Over 25 years of experience

IndustrieWert GmbH offers its clients extensive know-how and professional advisory services. With the expertise gained through over twenty five years of experience as an expert and auctioneer for industry, trade and commerce, and an extensive pool of specialists for best services and excellent results, even in specific areas, sectors or tasks.

We have many years of wide-ranging experience and have successfully carried out well over 4,000 industrial auctions, plant sales, closures and liquidations. Our national and international contacts are used to address potential buyers for auctions, to provide efficient information in accordance with the GDPR.


Broad sector competence

  • Automotive & vehicle construction

  • Construction, concrete

  • Office equipment

  • Chemical & pharmaceutical industry

  • Printing & paper

  • EDV / IT

  • Retail trade

  • Elektronics & elelectrical engineering

  • Renewable energies

  • Vehicles & handling equipment

  • Forestry & agriculture

  • Wood processing & furniture industry

  • Hotel & catering

  • Plastic manufacturing & processing

  • Circuit boards & FPC

  • Maschinery & plant construction

  • Medical & laboratory technology

  • Metal working & processing

  • Food & packaging

  • Medical practises equipment

  • Shipbuilding & shipyards

  • Forging & casting

  • Steel processing & manufacturing

  • Textile working & textile processing

  • Transport & logistic

  • Workshop & warehouse technology

  • Tool & mould construction etc.

  • Packaging industry


Further information and proofs will be provided on request at any time. We would be happy to provide further references to prove that - based on our experience - we are also able to sell your movable fixed assets successfully.

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IndustrieWert GmbH operates as an industrial services provider internationally. 

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